WhatsApp Gold 2024 Download Latest Update Apk (Original)

Get WhatsApp Gold Apk, which is a mod version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Modified by unofficial developers, it may contain additional features or custom objects.
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15 February 2024
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WhatsApp Gold Apk is a changed version of the official WhatsApp. It’s like a special edition that many people use because it has cool features, like hiding your online status, sending big files, and saving other people’s status updates. We’ll explain how to update the old version of Golden WA, and we’ll give you links to download on Android.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2024 Latest Version
Table of contents
What is WhatsApp Gold?
Download WhatsApp Gold 2024 Apk Anti-Ban
How to Download WhatsApp Gold Update on Android?
The Difference Between Golden WhatsApp and WhatsApp
How to Install Gold WhatsApp Update to the latest Version?
Features of WA Gold Apk
Is WhatsApp Gold Safe?
Download WhatsApp Gold on iPhone
New Features in WhatsApp Gold Latest Update
Old Versions

What is WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold 2024 is a fancy version of the regular WhatsApp. It was made because people wanted more from WhatsApp, but the company that owns it, Meta, didn’t add those features. In 2018, a person named Abu Arab created the first Golden WhatsApp.

This special app cares a lot about your privacy. It has extra features like locking your chats, delaying showing when you’ve read a message, and a lots of different themes. Recently, they added a feature that lets you view a message only once. You can also control who can talk to you on WhatsApp Gold.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2024 Apk Anti-Ban

WhatsApp Gold 2024 cannot be downloaded from Google Play because it is not available in the store, and any version there is fake. Because all Gold versions and all versions of mode apps are deleted from the Play Store. 

When you download WhatsApp Gold update Anti-ban, you will have begun a new experience in the world of chatting. It’s full of new and fun options. This application has made conversations interesting through the many features and characteristics that it possesses, which are distinguished only by WhatsApp Gold Apk against bans and hacking.

App History

WA Gold, developed by Abu Arab, was the first to release it, as the first version of it was at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. They are upgraded versions with imaginative features and are completely safe (we will explain all features in the following paragraphs). But the programmer announced through his X (Twitter) account that he would stop issuing updates in 2020 because WhatsApp threatened to sue him.

After that, other developers make updates for WhatsApp Golden Abu Arab 2023, including the version of our website that we release with better features. As our version is currently the most famous and best, we also update and place the “WA Gold Apk” link with a direct link from MediaFire.

It is worth mentioning here that there are many copies of modified apps for WhatsApp that resemble WhatsApp Gold, some of which are yellow in color and were named with the same name as this version, and some were given a new name. Perhaps the most famous of them is WhatsApp GB, as well as the versions of JTWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus. But the most famous and best of them is WhatsApp Gold, which has added new features that are not found in others.

How to Download WhatsApp Gold Update on Android?

Download WhatsApp Gold original app from MediaFire or installing it in APK format is very easy, but some people do not know how to download, following this steps:

First, you must download the latest version of WA Gold Apk 2024 from a safe site like the download link above.

Secondly, you must allow installation from unknown sources, this option is usually locked on Android systems. You can do that by going to Settings > Biometrics and security >install unknown apps.

Golden WhatsApp Update on Android

Thirdly, if you want to backup previous conversations, you must make a backup copy and save it localy on the phone’s memory. Also, installing and using WhatsApp Gold 2025 does not require you to delete old WhatsApp or any other version you are using. Therefore, it is better to keep the previous version without deleting, until you are sure that you can successfully restore your chats.

Fourth, install the application, and then activate it with your number by writing the number with the country code and you will receive an SMS message containing the activation code. Then open the yellow WhatsApp and enter the code that you received.

Fifth, restore the backup copy to WhatsApp Dahabi through the option to restore the copy that comes immediately after activating the number. Then you choose where to save the backup copy, either on Google Drive or on the disk of your Android phone.

The Difference Between Golden WhatsApp and WhatsApp

Golden WhatsApp, in its original version, introduces an array of new stickers available within the application’s dedicated sticker section. Previously, users were required to download specialized programs to create WhatsApp stickers. Furthermore, this latest iteration has included hundreds of themes. Consequently, users now have access to numerous appealing themes and emojis, allowing customization based on personal preferences.

Length of status lettersUp to 139 charactersUp to 255 characters
Share document at one time30100
Allowed video size15 MB70 MB
Download statusnoYes
Remove the direction iconnoYes
Share documents in PDF and Txt formatYesYes
Send empty messagesnoYes
Hide writing statusnoYes
Change themesnoYes
Schedule messagesnoYes
lock conversationsnoYes

How to Install Gold WhatsApp Update to the latest Version?

If you decide to update Gold WhatsApp Apk to the latest version V11.26, simply download the latest update of WA Gold from the link provided in this post. Moreover, this update does not necessitate deleting the previous version, nor does it result in the loss of previous chats.

Features of WA Gold Apk

WA Gold Apk is designed to have many features, all of which you can use on a smartphone. We will mention only some of them, because we cannot mention them all so that the explanation will not be long. The ability to conceal the status of message receipt and reading remains one of the most crucial features of this Gold WhatsApp. This feature hides either two blue lines (indicating message read) or two gray lines (indicating message arrival).

 In this paragraph, I will mention the most important features of downloading the original old WhatsApp Gold 2023 for Android, including the anti-ban and hacking feature, which are as follows:

Statuses Features

WhatsApp Gold 2024 offers a great feature, which is the ability to download statuses, which means the ability to download photos and videos of friends statuses. So, this is a great feature for status lovers, as the status download feature was a request for many users. There is also the features of sending statuses of photos and videos with high quality and a length greater than the default length of the status.

Also, there is a feature to hide viewing statuses. When you want to be mysterious and do not want anyone to know that you have viewed their status, all you have to do is activate the option to hide viewing statuses from WhatsApp Gold Settings>Privacy and Security>Hide viewing statuses.

Auto reply and message filter

WhatsApp Gold provides an automatic reply feature when you want to reply to any of your friends at any time. In other words, the automatic response allows you to set specific responses to anyone who wants to talk to you, regardless of your status, online or not. It also provides the use of the message filter feature, which provides the user with an option to clear the chat that can filter your messages.

Airplane Mode and Scheduled Messages feature

WhatsApp Gold provides an internet disconnection feature. If you are using some other applications on your Android phone, and do not want to be disturbed by WhatsApp messages, you can use the Airplane mode feature to disable the application’s internet connection. You can also send text messages to multiple people or groups at times of your choice, which is a great feature. These are features that are also present in GBWhatsApp original and YoWhatsApp if you have tried it before.

Send Photos and Videos in large Sizes

By using WhatsApp Golden 2025 you can send more than 90 images at a time compared to the official WhatsApp. Users can also add cool and unique effects while sending photos and videos to their friends and loved ones. It is the first new WhatsApp application that added this wonderful feature.

Anti-Delete and hide reading, recording and writing status

The WhatsApp Gold 2024 comes with a lots of new things to make using it better and keep your stuff private. One cool thing is that you can see messages that someone deleted from your chats. Also, there’s a feature that makes sure you can still see deleted messages.

Another nice thing is that you can hide the fact that you read a message, so the blue checkmarks don’t show up until you reply. You can also easily share your location with friends in real-time, making it more convenient to stay connected.

Additionally, the app lets you secretly hide when you’re recording audio, making sure your conversations stay private. All these different features work together to give you a safer and more personalized way of messaging.

Is WhatsApp Gold safe?

Security remains a paramount consideration for users when adopting new applications. Concerns often arise regarding the reliability of security features within platforms like WhatsApp Gold. Many users question whether installing this application poses any risks to their device’s security.

In truth, WhatsApp Dahabi maintains a consistent encryption method and utilizes the same WhatsApp servers as the original app. This ensures that conversations between Gold and Original WhatsApp users occur within the same server environment. In essence, the end-to-end encryption system operates seamlessly within Golden WhatsApp, just as it does in the original app.

Therefore, users can trust that the end-to-end encryption, a fundamental security measure in WhatsApp, remains intact and fully functional within the WhatsApp Gold APK variant. This continuity in encryption protocols underscores the commitment to maintaining a secure messaging environment for all users.

Useful information: The number used may sometimes be blocked. Therefore, we recommend making a periodic copy of the data, and in the event that it is blocked, all you have to do is download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold update again, activate the number, and recover the data.

Download WhatsApp Gold on iPhone

Download WhatsApp Gold Plus on the iOS operating system iPhone. If you have an iPhone and want to use this modified application, then in this paragraph, I will guide you on how to download and install the application on your iPhone. You can actually install the alternative on your iPhone by simply following the steps that we will provide in detail and with pictures.

Steps to install WA Gold on iOS phones:

  • First, you must first visit the Tweakbox website. But make sure you open the website from Safari and not Google Chrome. After that click on the Install Now button, like the following image.
  • Then it will ask for permissions, just allow if you want to download the app. Once you allow permissions, open Settings -> General -> Profiles. Then, click on TweakBox and press Install from the top right corner. After that, click on the install button on the next screen, and WhatsApp Plus will start downloading to your phone.
  • Once the download is complete, simply open the app and verify your mobile number to enjoy it on your iPhone.
Download on iPhone

New Features in Golden WhatsApp Latest Update

Golden WhatsApp 2023 gives you amazing features that are not found anywhere else. This version is also based on the original WhatsApp base number and is characterized by the following:

  • The ability to send photos and video in high resolution (improved).
  • A great feature that enables you to see all the messages sent by someone within the group.
  • The feature of controlling the size of images before sending has been enhanced.
  • The problem of message delay was solved by adding the option to adjust privacy.
  • More distinction by adding the feature of uploading the image or video when sending it once.
  • Now you can change the color of connected contacts.
  • The problem of WhatsApp Dahabi freezing was fixed.
  • Fix floating button inside the app.
  • The problem of hiding more fur has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where status was sent more than 30 seconds.
  • Solve the problem of voice communication in the application.
  • Other repairs have been made.
  • Bypass the feature of displaying photos and videos once when sending them.
  • Group messaging for either groups or individuals now supports sending photos and videos.
  • View messages sent by a specific person within the group.
  • Option to change the color of dots online.
  • The feedback feature has been added by long pressing on any message.
  • Copy caption feature on photos and videos.
  • Feature to stop and resume recording voice notes.
  • Translation has been improved for some in-app options.


Is WhatsApp Gold against bans and hacking?

A question that comes to the minds of all users: Is WhatsApp Gold resistant to bans and hacking? In fact, this feature was the most common and widespread. It is what contributed to the popularity of the golden version of Whatsapp Dahabi. This service allows the person using the application to be immune from being blocked by the servers of Whatsapp.

Does WhatsApp Web work with WhatsApp Gold? What permits are required?

Yes, there is no problem opening WhatsApp Web on the computer with the WhatsApp Gold in the same way as using regular WhatsApp, and there is no difference between them. For example, it requires an internet connection. It is recommended to use a WIFI connection, device location (optional), access to the studio, access to contacts, device ID, and access to external storage.

How to allow the app to access contacts?

Among the permissions granted is access to phone contacts, and there are those who wonder how. Permission can be granted during installation through the pop-up screen that appears after installation, or from the WhatsApp Taj program settings >>> Permissions.

Old Versions

If you have a phone with an old version of Android and the latest version above does not work on it, we have provided download links for previous versions. Enter the following links to obtain and download it on old Android devices.